Who We Are

Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Mausoleums, located at 6100 Three Notch Rd (map) is a premier memorial park cemetery in Mobile, AL.  It is an independent local organization with local management established in 1953 as a not-for-profit cemetery for all faiths and beliefs.  It has the appearance of a well manicured park with constant maintenance making it an excellent choice for funeral ceremonies either indoors or out.  As a cemetery, the burial options offered include in-ground burial, above ground mausoleum entombment, and a variety of cremation memorialization choices. Other features include special sections for Veterans, Catholic Families, Heroes (law enforcement/ fire-rescue) and Masons.

Who Owns Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery?
No one actually "owns" Mobile Memorial Gardens since it is a non- profit 501(c)13 organization.  Those that own burial rights are classified as members.  Non-profits have a board of trustees that act on behalf of the interests of the members in accordance with the organizational charters and bylaws.  At Mobile Memorial Gardens, the board hires a CEO to manage the organization.  It is his or her responsibility to hire necessary staff and oversee all operations.