Founders Lake

Visitors Welcome

The grounds of Mobile Memorial Gardens has offered the surrounding community a quiet, restful, and pleasant place to visit, either as a family member enjoying a few moments of reflection about a lost loved, or a guest simply wishing to spend some time in a place away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  One place within the cemetery's grounds many have enjoyed visiting is the area we call Founders Lake.

Founders Lake evokes memories for many people having grown up in the area since it was quite common for families, and still is, to bring young children to see ducks, geese, and other water foul swim, waddle, and flitter over and around the park-like surroundings.  One feature is quite the favorite.  There is a tree, actually more than one in a cluster, that has grown in a most unusual shape at its base.  No one really knows how or why it grew this way.  Perhaps it was one of the region's occasional visits by a tropical storm or even one of the coast's routine summer afternoon monsoons that toppled a small tree that refused to give up.  Whatever the reason, it has become one of the most visited and photographed trees in the Mobile area.

Mobile Memorial Gardens welcomes visitors and is glad to share the appeal of its grounds with the surrounding community.  All we ask that everyone keep in mind the nature and purpose of a cemetery when visiting.  Everyone should be mindful of others visiting especially since they may be visiting the site of a loved one and wish to have some time to quietly and peacefully reflect on and contemplate the memory of that special person.

Because the Founders Lake area is a very popular area for families and groups to use as a backdrop for photographs, the cemetery allows its use for such purpose during regular operating hours at no charge.  There will be occasions from time to time where access to the area will be restricted due to special events or funeral ceremonies nearby.  We also ask that management be contacted and told about any group gathering whether formal or otherwise in advance since cemetery staff may need to be involved and to make sure there are no other activities scheduled that would create a conflict.  The cemetery does have established fees for certain activities involving the use of the cemetery's grounds such as wedding ceremonies.  Consult management about scheduling one of these or to determine if any fees or restrictions apply to a specific activity.

Mobile Memorial Gardens hopes that any of your time spent at the cemetery is pleasant and meaningful.