Garden of Crucifixion - Dedicated October 10, 2010
The Garden of Crucifixion is dedicated exclusively for the Christian Burial of Roman Catholics. As such, it is a Catholic cemetery section located within Mobile Memorial Gardens, a non-profit memorial park cemetery in operation since 1953.   
  Pictured: Richard Pennington, Father Zoghby, Tim Claiborne, Robert Denniston
   Its location in western Mobile makes it extremely convenient for most Catholic families.  Additionally, a portion of each purchase made in this garden is donated to the Diocese and the Parish of the purchaser's choice.
 St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church Praise Team
 As Archbishop Rodi has said "Mobile has grown and it is beneficial for our Catholic people in the Mobile area to have another cemetery, blessed by the Church, where the bodies of our loved ones may be reverently interred."
   Tim Claiborne welcomes guests to the dedication ceremony.

Crucifixion Feature & Mausoleum

Funerals and Rites

Catechism of the Catholic Church

1683: The Church who, as Mother, has borne the Christian sacramentally in her womb during his earthly pilgrimage, accompanies him at his journey's end, in order to surrender him "into the Father's hands." She offers to the Father, in Christ, the child of his grace, and she commits to the earth, in hope, the seed of the body that will rise in glory. This offering is fully celebrated in the Eucharistic sacrifice; the blessings before and after Mass are sacramentals.
1684: The Christian funeral is a liturgical celebration of the Church. The ministry of the Church in this instance aims at expressing efficacious communion with the deceased, at the participation in that communion of the community gathered for the funeral, and at the proclamation of eternal life to the community.

Excerpted from Catholic Cemetery Conference: Church Teaching on Death, Burial, and Funeral Rites

Garden Of Crucifixion Catholic Cemetery Section

The cemetery's multifaceted maintenance department is a talented, lean, efficient and dedicated team led by Lisa Tipp.  Under Lisa's supervision, this expert team is responsible for grounds maintenance that includes regular care of 200 acres of grounds plus working on continual improvement and modification projects.  This team is also responsible for  memorial and monument installations, vault manufacturing, and burial site preparation and closure.  As direct employees of the cemetery, this team represents the ability to offer the highest possible quality of service to the families and guests that have loved ones left in their care.