Standard In-Ground Burial Options

Mobile Memorial Gardens was conceived and created based on the "memorial park" concept.  One of the primary characteristics of this type of cemetery is the placement of one or more "features" within most gardens or sections.  In this cemetery, the features are somewhat unique in that they are considered over-sized when compared to those found in most other memorial park cemeteries.  These actual works of art, many carved by artisans from Carrara Marble, can be viewed by navigating to the garden's page using the associated tile to the right.  Another characteristic is the layout of each garden.  Burial spaces are a standard size and the arrangement is a grid pattern.  Spaces are grouped together in numbered lots, usually containing sixteen.  The addressing convention we use is garden, lot number, quadrant (or block), and space.  Each garden is given a code so a location address might look like this: G 158 D 2.  Once the location of a space is known, finding it is relatively simple using the map of that garden.  These maps may be  downloaded from the garden's page or obtained from the cemetery's administration office.