Private Family Mausoleum Estates

Above Ground Burial...
 is considered by many to be one of the most traditional forms of memorialization.  Entombment crosses all cultural and religious barriers.

Private Estates
Private mausoleum estates are not only one of the oldest forms of burial, or more accurately, memorialization, they offer the little extra prestige
 that represents the character and often times the accomplishments of a family.

Private mausoleums also offer your family an exclusive memorial option that is both special and unique.   These custom family estates are available in virtually any size and shape.  From Greco-Roman classic to modern impressionistic, from two crypts to twelve or more, a special memorial can be chosen that represents your life and your family's heritage.

Several designs are currently available on-site which include both two-crypt models and one six-crypt walk-in in the event of an immediate need.  A number of site selections are available with some offering the option of accompanying in-ground burial spaces.

  Private Estate Garden in the Garden of Resurrection