2017 Honor Roll
Veteran Branch
Veteran Branch
Blanchard  James US Marines
Kenny V Donald US Marines
Ellison  Calvin Robert US Coast Guard
Lartigue Jr  Louis US Army
Price K Roger US Army
Lartigue Sr  Lou US Army
Price Sr K Ronnie US Army
Leonard W Edgar "Buster" US Air Force
Price Sr K Roy US Army
Livingston S Carlton US Army
Slack  Otis "Art" US Army
Lucas E Teresa US Air Force
Smith T George "Terry" US Coast Guard
Manderson  Zachariah US Air Force
Brown  Frank US Army
Mason E Christopher US Army
Cooke Jr  George Owen US Navy
Masters  Julius US Air Force
Cote  Ashlee US Army
Masters  Richard US Navy
Cote Jr S Michael US Army
Mcwhorter Jr L Charles US Army
Crowley  Jack US Coast Guard
Middleton  Miranda US Navy
Dauster J David US Army
Middleton  Zackary US Army
Dauster  Jace Tyler US Army
Nabors  Robert Wayne US Marines
Durbin  Dane US Air Force
Neal Sr E Charles US Air Force
Edmondson III P William US Air Force
Norfleet B Buster US Air Force
Edmondson Sr P William US Army
Norton R William US Navy
Garsee W Douglas US Navy
Pierce  Delores US Military
Golson  Billy John US Navy
Powell  Curtis US Army
Lewis E Archie US Navy
Powell  Ernest US Army
Rhodey C Giles US Air Force
Rester  Gene US Air Force
Scribner  Harold US Navy
Rollins  Brock US Army
Sheffield A Ralph US Army
Rutherford  Thomas US Army
Tyler K Steven US Marines
Schoolfield Sr  Sam US Marines
Williams Sr H John US Navy
Shea  John Leo US Army
Williams Sr B Judkins US Army
Stuart R Charles US Navy
Wolfarth M William US Army
Stuart  Jeb US Army
Ballard G Walter US Army
Turner D Daniel US Army
Barnett Jr  Oliver US Military
Vaughn Sr  Sam US Marines
Beasley  Lacy Lawrence Merchant Marine
Wassman E William US Navy
Bolton S Robert US Army
Bailey  Herb US National Guard
Brierly  William US Army
Boyd  Larry US Army
Britton A Warner US Air Force
Brown  Dan US Navy
Hammond  Frank US Marines
Bryant H James US Army
Johnston  Richard US Marines
Cannon  Waren Charles US Navy
Kelly  William US Marines
Carey  John William US Army
Long  Archie US Navy
Cavin J James US Army
Loper  Reed US Air Force
Cavin R William US Army
Myers  John US Marines
Crabtree  Edward US Coast Guard
Perymore  Robert US Marines
Crowley  Jack US Coast Guard
Ramsey  Stuart US Air Force
Driggers  Lewis US Army
Russell  John Paul US Marines
Dunning D Michelle US Army
Shelley  Skipper US Marines
Dunning C Patrick US Army
Smith  Mickey US Marines
Dunning III D Willie US Marines/ USAF
Veselets  Robert US Air Force
Dunning IV D Willie US Army
Walden  Dub US Air Force
Dunning Jr D Willie US Army/ Aircorps
Walden  Wallace US Army
Frost  Spencer US Air Force
Walden C Willard US Army
Greene  Cornelius US Coast Guard
Warren  Speedy US Army
Greene Jr  Cornelious US Coast Guard
Wimberly  William US Army
Groves  Arnot US Coast Guard
  All Members US Army US Army
Hawie G Ashad US Army
  All Members US Marines US Marines
Hawie E Donad US Army
Crowley  Jack US Coast Guard
Heim  Robert Elton US Air Force
Denniston  Robert US Navy
Herman  Harvey Allan US Army
Downey  Patrick US Army
Hicks B Tommie US Navy
Herrin  Mack US Navy
Hoogmoed  Andy Van US Marines
Montiel  Gonzalo US Navy
Hoogmoed-flores  Lisa Van US Marines
Pennington  Richard US Air Force
James II  Lee US Air Force
Pierce  Hal US Navy
The cemetery's multifaceted maintenance department is a talented, lean, efficient and dedicated team led by Lisa Tipp.  Under Lisa's supervision, this expert team is responsible for grounds maintenance that includes regular care of 200 acres of grounds plus working on continual improvement and modification projects.  This team is also responsible for  memorial and monument installations, vault manufacturing, and burial site preparation and closure.  As direct employees of the cemetery, this team represents the ability to offer the highest possible quality of service to the families and guests that have loved ones left in their care.