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September 11, 2001 was a day Americans learned many things.  We became aware that there are elements that are deliberately destructive of life and property and willing to do so on a large scale. We also, as never before in recent memory, witnessed the heroism of fire fighters, police, emergency medical personnel, and others responsible for public safety and well being.  We became aware in a dramatic way that there are people among us, family, friends, and neighbors, that put there life and health on the line for us every day.  In fact, many sacrifice those very cherished possession almost daily.  We owe all of them a debt of gratitude we really cannot pay in full.


Please join us Friday, Sept. 7th at 9 AM as we pay tribute to all First Responders by remembering the dramatic example of their heroism and sacrifice.  The ceremony will be conducted at the Garden of Heroes First Responder section near the Nevious Rd entrance.  This is a free event open to the general public.  Your presence alone will be a sign of your support for these selfless, faithful, and very necessary people.  We hope to see you there.


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