First Steps


Going Forward...

Do you remember taking those first steps as a baby?  Probably not.  More than likely in a baby kind of way there was excitement about a new adventure yet apprehension about what really was going to happen.  One thing was very likely though, you wanted to do it.  For many, starting the planning in advance for your own or another person's funeral is something you know to be a worthy and noble thing to do, yet there are other feelings that get in the way.  Feelings of nervousness, squeamishness, and maybe even embarrasment.  Perhaps there is fear of the underlying subject and hesitation rooted in avoiding it.  Altogether these factors and maybe others, keep you from doing what you really want to do for your family and that's showing them how much you care by dealing with a matter that someone will have to deal with sooner or later, very likely them.

Is this the case for you?  Whether it is or not, we can help you through it.  The basic steps, especially the first ones, are not big ones, they're just really important ones.  In summary they are these:

Discussing it with a professional

Choosing a cemetery

Deciding on type of burial

Selecting accessories

Beyond that, it's just a matter of selecting a funeral home to provide funeral services and a casket or urn. Our Family Service Counselors have both the knowledge and the tools to help you make critical decisions and choices related to the cemetery and the funeral services you will want.  At the time of a person's death, all of these matters must be addressed by someone almost all within a matter of a day or two.  Fortunately, when planning in advance, the process and the decisions can be spread over a period of time.  This is truly a great luxury if you are allowed to do it.  If you have not already taken your first steps, or if you have and are ready to take the next ones, let us help you today.  Our consultation is free and we will leave you with some very useful tools at not charge as well.