Making Funeral Arrangements

If you are reading this page, it is possible you have just lost a loved one and are faced with making funeral arrangements or you are helping someone with planning a funeral.  If that is the case we sincerely offer our condolences.  We will do everything we can to help you through this difficult and trying time.

Most families are assisted by a case worker at the hospital and so will ask about the funeral home preference plus get release authorization documents signed.  The case worker will advise the family to contact the funeral home to schedule a time to make the funeral arrangements.  Contact may also be made with us as well whether arrangements have been previously made or not.
In order to make, confirm, or complete the arrangements that include the burial space, vault, memorial,  interment services, or mausoleum crypt, and perhaps other details, the responsible family member or their authorized representative will need to meet with a Family Service Counselor at the cemetery at least one day before the service.  The Family Service Counselor will provide the guidance and assistance needed to complete the process.

If a meeting is conducted with the funeral director prior to coming to the cemetery, the funeral director must contact the cemetery to schedule a time for the service before making a public announcement or confirming the time with any other parties.  We try to schedule every service for the time requested.  There are times however when previously scheduled services may require a different time be set to avoid a disruption of one or both of the services.  

For those that have made advance planning arrangements with us, we ask that any certificates issued for the preneed purchases such as vaults or memorials be brought to the meeting at the cemetery if at all possible.  If these cannot be located, we can still finalize the arrangements and deal with retrieving the certificates at a later date.

Some families that we meet with have never arranged or even attended a service at Mobile Memorial Gardens. We have prepared two additional sources of information that can be accessed from the links below. There more detailed information can be found that explains how interment services are handled at Mobile Memorial Gardens provide answers to other questions that may arise.

Please allow us to assist you in any way possible.

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