Initial Contact

Your first order of business is to contact the cemetery office by phone at least the day before the requested service time since the family will need to meet with a family service counselor the day before the service.  A family service counselor will work with you to schedule a day and time for the interment that is as close to the one desired as possible.  Usually the time requested is the one that is scheduled however logistics may require a different one be set so that a previously scheduled service is not disrupted.   


The Family Service Counselor will advise you of the interment fees due if these have not been prepaid in order for you to discuss this with the family.  These fees will vary depending on the time scheduled and whether or not the cemetery will be called upon to help place the casket.  A vault installation fee will apply if a third party vault is used.

Vaults and Outer Containers

The cemetery requires the use of an outer container (vault) as described in the Rules & Regulations.  If one has been previously arranged with you or another third party instead of the cemetery, the vault must be delivered to the cemetery's maintenance area by 3:00 PM the day before the service.  If no vault has been prearranged, the Family Service Counselor will discuss the options available through the cemetery.  The cemetery does all gravesite preparation and installation of MMG vaults.  Third party vault vendors are responsible for installing the vaults purchased through them but have the option to contract with the Cemetery for this process in accordance with the cemetery's policy and current fee schedule.  Payment must accompany delivery of the vault. An inspection fee will be assessed to the seller at the current rate for all non-MMG vaults.

Arrangement Conference.

Each family must meet with a Family Service Counselor at least a day in advance at the cemetery office to finalize the arrangements even if all items have been prearranged.  This will give them the opportunity to finalize and affirm their selections, which includes viewing the site to be prepared, and to complete any payments that may be due.

Please read the information provided in the links below. There you will find more detailed information that you and your families need to know about how interments are handled as they may differ from other cemeteries.
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