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We know, because we too have lost loved ones, that there are many powerful emotional reactions to the loss of someone close.  In many cases these feelings leave us at a loss for what to do.  Much of that confusion we feel has to do with the memory of the loved one, both in terms of not wanting to forget and in terms of being constantly reminded.  Cemeteries have historically been a focal point of our desire to remember and honor the life of the special people that blessed our own lives.  It is probably one of the main reasons cemeteries exist.  At this cemetery, the environment is managed in a certain way so that an atmosphere of peace and comfort are emphasized in addition to memorialization.  This lofty accomplishment is only made possible by the implementation of various rules and policies.  Our goal is to be fair, uniform, and compassionate in all situations, even when emotions run high because we know the people that selected the Gardens as their family's cemetery, did so with the expectation that the environment they saw when they purchased would be maintained even after they were gone.  This is a difficult challenge because the line between being compassionate and being irresponsible is very fine indeed.  It is a challenge though that we strive to meet every day so that you too can experience the peace and comfort the Gardens offers.

The placing of vases, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, glass, wood or iron cases, and similar articles upon plots shall not, except as hereinafter set forth, be permitted, and if so placed, the Corporation reserves the right to remove the same. However, potted plants will be permitted upon lots and graves at Easter, Memorial Day and other similar occasions. If not called for within three days, they may, at the option of Superintendent, be eliminated. Upon application to the Superintendent, potted plants may be allowed upon a plot or grave at the anniversary or other special date for three days. At all other times, potted plants will be removed from the plot at the time of trimming or mowing of grave. Deliveries of potted plants and flowers may, at the option of the Corporation, be refused on holidays.

Flowers, baskets, designs and frames shall be removable from grave or plot at any time in the discretion of the Superintendent. Upon written request made by the owner or legal representative of owner of such grave or plot, which said request shall be made at the time of, or within forty‑eight hours after, interment, any particular baskets, designs, or frames may be held for such owner or legal representative, but not exceeding one week, and if not called for and carried away during said period, said flowers, baskets, designs or frames, shall become the property of the Corporation, and be sold, destroyed or otherwise disposed of without incurring any liability whatever to donors, said grave owner, or to such owner's legal representative.

If an approved bronze vase, made to be used in conjunction with a bronze grave marker has not been provided by the lot owner, the Corporation may, for the convenience of the lot owner, provide a temporary flower container at the time of burial. These temporary containers will be removed five days after the burial unless other arrangements have been made.

Metal emblems or markers, flags and shepherd's hooks are prohibited on plots or graves, except at Memorial Day. They may be placed by authorized representatives of lodges, posts, camps, etc., not to exceed two days before Memorial Day, and removed not later than three days thereafter. Thereafter such emblems will be removed from the plot by the Park employees and at no risk to the Corporation. It is preferable that all such emblems be removed by the organization or individual placing them.

The Corporation will do weeding, watering and mowing, the care of grass, including the seeding exclusively.  The care of shrubbery includes the pruning, fertilizing, and replanting.