At Mobile Memorial Gardens one of our goals is to maintain the dignity and solemnity of each ceremony.  One of the important ways we accomplish this is by giving a great deal of attention to scheduling and organization.  This is especially important when a family chooses to have just one ceremony and have it at or near the gravesite rather than first having a ceremony at a church or funeral home before coming in procession to the cemetery.

For ceremonies such as this, we arrange the vehicles at the entrance of the cemetery as they arrive.  We do this by having a cemetery official greet each family member and guest vehicle and give the driver instructions where to position their vehicle.  That person will be stationed at the entrance at least thirty minutes prior to the service time.  This allows the vehicles to be positioned with the funeral coach and immediate family in front on the line.  Once all participants have arrived, the cemetery official will lead the cortège to the interment site in single file.  Doing things this way insures all vehicles are pointed in the same direction at the gravesite and thus allowing for a simplified exit from the cemetery.