Memorial Park Cemetery

Aerial Photo of Mobile Memorial Gardens 
 Photo courtesy of Thigpen Photograph

In 1953, Charles Miller's vision of a new type of cemetery for southern Alabama became reality.  For those whose traditions and convictions tended toward respect and honor for loved ones, the creation of a memorial park cemetery nearby meant a whole new and vastly different choice was available to them.  Since that time, most cemeteries developed in the area were also memorial park cemeteries. 

What are the characteristics of a memorial park cemetery?  The main characteristics are the use of flat bronze memorials installed at ground level, usually on a foundation which is commonly granite, the division of the cemetery into sections, sometimes called gardens, and the incorporation of a central feature or statue in each garden.  A clean, neat, park like environment is usually achieved through uniform rules and regulations specifying design, size, and placement of all memorials and other items used for memorialization.  

Charles Miller's vision certainly was to create a cemetery with these characteristics yet he wanted to do even more.  He wanted the cemetery to stand out as a jewel among cemeteries.  Here's how he achieved that goal.  Mobile Memorial Gardens was established on a large track of land consisting of about 200 acres.  This allowed for the creation of large roomy gardens with wide open spaces adorned with beautiful live oaks and manicured shrubbery.  It also allowed for the construction of extra-wide fully paved roadways which can accommodate two-way traffic.  Perhaps the greatest achievement of all was the installation of a number of large and very beautiful works of art carved in marble, much of which originated in Carrara, Italy.  So far, no one establishing a cemetery in this region has been able to duplicate Mr. Miller's creation.



The cemetery's multifaceted maintenance department is a talented, lean, efficient and dedicated team led by Lisa Tipp.  Under Lisa's supervision, this expert team is responsible for grounds maintenance that includes regular care of 200 acres of grounds plus working on continual improvement and modification projects.  This team is also responsible for  memorial and monument installations, vault manufacturing, and burial site preparation and closure.  As direct employees of the cemetery, this team represents the ability to offer the highest possible quality of service to the families and guests that have loved ones left in their care.