Prearrangement Planning - The Right Thing To Do

A question we are asked quite often by personal friends and even family members is, “Is prearranging and preplanning our cemetery property and the things that go with it a smart thing to do?”  The reason we refer to personal friends and family members is they expect an honest answer and usually know when they get one.  Whether you are a personal friend, family member or a stranger, the answer is still the same, preplanning really is the right thing to do, even if done in stages.

For us to make a statement like that, it must be backed up with proof.  Let’s look at the proof, or reasons, why it is the right thing to do based on experience: 

1)      Decisions are made together, not alone.

2)      Decisions are not based on the emotions of the moment.

3)      Costs can be are frozen.

4)      You are able to pay for the arrangements over time, instead of having to pay in full at the time of need.

5)      Very often incentives are in place to help and encourage you to preplan in advance of need.

These are just five reasons to preplan and there many more.  Of course the real proof is the experience of families that have had to make burial and funeral arrangements when it is basically done as an emergency rather than as an orderly process where the painful and usually stressful matters have mostly been addressed.  Daily, those in our business witness both situations, and we all know which is better for the families we serve.

We are also asked frequently about the wisdom of prepaying for arrangements in advance and for the vast majority of people, the answer certainly is yes.  In addition to the economic benefits that offer cost savings, the convenience offered to the families finalizing the arrangements cannot be overstated since finances are often depleted after a lengthy illness or costly medical treatment.  Prepaying through the provider has also proven to be one of the most reliable methods for dealing with the costs in advance.  Families are able to avoid emptying bank accounts, depleting life insurance proceeds that may or may not be available in time, applying for an emergency loans and perhaps best all, are able to avoid seeking charity.  As for safety, most if not all states now have laws addressing pre-funding of funeral arrangements in addition to all the laws regulating financial transactions in general.

Now, there is one other great reason not to be forgotten and that is preplanning is simply the right thing to do because it is in an act of love. It is also one of those things that is easy to put off, certainly most of us would like to, but is it worth it?